Top 5 Ways to Enjoy a Sun Valley Spring

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April News & Updates

Well, spring is officially here with warmer temperatures, corn snow, and Closing Day on the mountain approaching quickly. Once the mountain closes, town reboots and prepares for summertime.

In these quieter months, locals tend to let their colors show in true mountain town fashion. With the recent Gelande Quaffing
event behind us and the end-of-year party straight ahead, there’s no shortage of costumes and camaraderie to celebrate a great season. Whether you aprés at the base of Warm Springs or in the Greyhawk Parking lot, it’s a true Sun Valley right of passage to toast to another fantastic year with your ski buddies.

As recently stated in the Forbes article Sun Valley: A Year-Round Destination, “what sets Sun Valley apart from many other ski destinations is that it offers a real community.” So, while we take a breath after a busy season and prepare for the next, we consider spring to be a time for renewal and revitalization for our community.

Top 5 Ways to Enjoy a Sun Valley Spring

1) Take A Soak. It’s a great time of year to soak in some hot springs! Take an adventure to one of these gems.

2) Get Ready For Summer. Sign up for a Spring Training program or boot camp to get in shape for your favorite summer sport.

3) Spring Cleaning. Nothing like a little re-organizing after our gear-intense winters. Put away your skis and tune up your bikes!

4) Can You Say, “Slack Specials”? Get foodie discounts while supporting local restaurants.

5) Enjoy The Longer Days! Hiking and Biking trails are drying out and it’s a great time to reconnect with your pooch and enjoy some Vitamin D.

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