Top 5 Best Ways to Make the Most of a Sun Valley Day

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1) Endurance is key. Stay hydrated and get lots of sleep. Bring snacks. So much fun in the sun (at altitude) can be exhausting!

2) Long hours of daylight are your friend. Who says you can’t enjoy an early, cool morning on Silver Creek, and be back to enjoy a tee time at 4pm? Then dance the night away at a local concert.

3) Find good adventure partners. Get the guys ready for a ripping mountain bike ride and the wife prepped for a fun date at the symphony (or vice versa!). Or, rally your squad for a day hike and then an evening at the Zenergy pool. The only limitation is your imagination!

4) Make a plan. Use local resources like to see what’s happening and strategize to maximize your activity intake.

5) Or…Do nothing! Sit by a pool, a river, a lake, and simply take it all in.

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