Top Five Ways to Enjoy an Early Spring Melt

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1) Take in a cultural event! Often when we’re having a great powder season or enjoying the most of those long summer days, it feels like there’s no time to sit down and enjoy the “finer things in life.” Go to a gallery walk, or attend a concert series or a film festival.


2) Get in the water; the fishing on the Bigwood is fantastic this time of year, and most likely we’ll have a great steelheading season as well.


3) Spring Skiing – Who doesn’t love soft moguls and sunny afternoons?


4) Aprés “all day” – hint: it’s still considered “aprés” if you take one run and then hang out on a patio with a cold beer.

5) Mountain biking in Hailey. A little muddy? Yes. Still a blast? Absolutely!

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